Avalanche Yeti

Japanese Name: Ice-Snow Yetinger

Avalanche Yeti specializes in ice attacks. He resides at the South Pole and wishes to clean up the environment there. As leader of the Environmental Testing Center, his job is to protect the South Pole from invading enemies.

Weakness: Thunder Dancer/Raikousen/Plasma Gun
Obtain: Drift Diamond/Hyouryuushou/Ice Gattling


  • Ice Gattling - fires ice crystals all over the ground and opposite wall. (Normal)
  • Tackle Attack - attempts to tackle you. (Normal)
  • Hyouryuushou - hides beneath the snow and rises for an uppercut attack. (Crazy)
  • Ice Tackle - surrounds himself with ice and attempts to tackle you. (Crazy)
  • Drift Diamond - creates snowflakes that slowly fall. (Hyper)
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