Armored Armadillo

Armored Armadillo
Armoredarmadillo.jpgArmored Armadillo
NameArmored Armadillo
First Appeared InMegaman X
Appears InMegaman X
WeaponRolling Shield
WeaknessElectric Spark

Japanese Name: Armor Armage

Armored Armadillo is a reploid armed with a nearly impregnable shell. He can block nearly most attacks and use his shell as a powerful weapon. His defensive abilities rank him slightly above moderate. If he gets attacked by the "Electric Spark" he loses his armor, making him easier to defeat.

Weakness: Electric Spark
Obtain: Rolling Shield

[edit] Attacks:

  • Rolling Shield - curls up and rams about the room.
  • Guarding - simply blocks all attacks.

[edit] Strategy

Armadillo is very basic in his attack patterns. He'll simply curl up and smash about all over the place. Due to his armor, scoring hits is extremely difficult which is why using the Electric Spark is advisable. With his armor removed, Armadillo will start using the blaster hidden in his head to launch a steady stream of bullets at X. Electric Spark can still easily interrupt him but remember that he now lacks defensive abilities.

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