Armor Chips


[edit] Body Chips

Chips that add elemental power to Zero's attacks or give him defensive abilities.

[edit] Foot Chips

Chips that modify Zero's movement abilities.

[edit] Head Chips

Chips that provide additional effects to Zero's ability such as quick charging.

[edit] Head Chips

Chips used in Zero's head that tend to enhance miscellaneous abilities or grant useful bonuses.

[edit] Body Chips

Chips that enhance Zero's defensive ability or give him new combat abilities.

[edit] Foot Chips

These chips enhance Zero's mobility or motion in some way.

[edit] Enemy Parts

Enemy Parts are dropped from destroying certain enemies. Each enemy has a specific part. Certain enemies can spawn others so make sure you get parts from those spawn. Some parts, such as Junk and S-Crystals can only be made from other parts while Ceratanium is a rare part that is usually hidden in levels.

[edit] Other Parts

These parts are made from the combination of regular parts and can thus only be produced by Cerveau.

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