Air Man

No. 10
Airman.pngAir Man
NameAir Man
RaceRobot Master
First Appeared InMega Man 2
Appears InMega Man 2
WeaponAir Shooter
WeaknessLeaf Shield (MM2 & MMII)

Super Arm (Power Fighters)

Spark Shock

Air Man is a Robot Master from Mega Man 2. A powerful fan is built into his squat body. It is from this fan that he unleashes his Air Shooter attack from. His base is located somewhere in the clouds. His stage is based on the sky and has many creatures that will kill Mega Man with ease such as the Fan Fiend mentioned before. Air Man will cover the screen in tornadoes. Mega Man will gain his Air Shooter after he is defeated. His weakness is Quick Boomerang. Dr. Light completes Item 2 when Air Man is defeated.

[edit] Other Appearances

Air Man also appears as a Doc robot in Mega Man 3. He is found in the middle of the revised version of Needle Man's Stage.

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