ACDC Town is a town located in DenTech City in the Mega Man Battle Network series. It is the home of Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE, as well as their close friends Mayl Sakurai, Dex Oyama, and Yai Ayanokoji.

[edit] Appearance

ACDC Town had the same appearances throughout the first three main series games, as well as Mega Man Network Transmission and Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge. However, the town took on a vastly different appearance in the latter three main games of the series.

The original version is larger and is split up between four sections of grass. The bottom-most section contains the entrance to the Metroline, Dex's house to the right of it, and two unoccupied houses above those two. The upper-left section of grass contains Lan and Mayl's houses right across the street from the lower section, two unoccupied houses above them, and Yai's house to the right. Higsby's Chip Shop is located across the street below Yai's house on its own section of grass, and the park is located across the street from that. The right side of the map contains the entrance to ACDC Elementary School.

In the later games, the town takes on a completely different appearance, however it is still broken up into four blocks of grass. The left-most block contains both the park and Higsby's Chip Shop, and across the street to the right is the Metroline as well as Mayl's house. Lan's house is once again directly adjacent to Mayl's house, and Dex's house has been moved to behind Lan's house across the street. Yai's house is located to the far right of the map. ACDC Elementary school is no longer on the map.

In both versions of ACDC Town, there is a lot of greenery as trees and bushes are dispersed throughout the map.

[edit] In The Games

[edit] Real World

In Mega Man Battle Network, Lan and MegaMan discover a secret Metroline located behind the statue of ACDC Elementary's first principal; a statue that is described in-game to have been given to the school by a 'mysterious group' upon its opening. They find out that this Metroline leads to WWW's base.

In Mega Man Battle Network 2, Higsby's shop is not open because Higsby decides to go on a trip around the world.

In Mega Man Battle Network 5, a SoulNet server is hidden in ACDC Town. When Lan and MegaMan find it, they find that NumberMan (Team Colonel) or SearchMan.EXE/SearchMan (Team ProtoMan) is guarding it.

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